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Birthdays :  Birthdays can never be more special than celebrating it with us. It is us, who is the pioneer in making you feel nostalgic about your wonderful childhood days by rekindling your fantabulous memories on the day you were born. Throwing a surprise party on birthdays is common. But, what jazzes it up here in Vivid, is the ultimate question which pops up in your mind. Can anyone turn down to the scenario of full of peculiarities? Yeah, every single birthday should have a touch of uniqueness. This theme is what makes us stand out. Associating yourself with Vivid for this birthday will instigate you to pursue the same for all your upcoming birthdays. Never forget to count on us, for it will be Vivid who always put their heart and soul to make your dream come true.  Happieee birthday!  Best Birthday organisers in chennai.
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Welcome to India’s biggest Event Management Company and Party Planners in Chennai. Whether you want to throw a kids birthday party in Chennai for your kids or theme Decoration in Chennai, you can always rely on us. Celebrating birthdays means that you will have to make a lot of arrangements. Do not panic as we are there for your rescue. We are the kids birthday organizer Chennai , Tamilnadu, and all over india who caters to all needs of a party whether it is balloon decoration, light decoration, catering or even cake arrangement. Be it kid’s birthday or even your grandma’s birthday, kids birthday party decorations in Chennai, we are here to make every moment, a cherished one. While the balloons of various sizes and colors will convey a special message to your guests; beautiful lights and delicious food will add to their excitement. Since we are kids birthday balloon decorator and theme party planner in Chennai, we know how to make an event a fun-filled one, so that both the host and the guests remember the event for long. Especially the children will love the kids birthday theme and decoration set by us. Be it Jungle theme or Sea Animals theme or even Cartoon theme, we shall take care of everything, from start to finish. The themes set by us will make everyone go merry. The team members working with us know the requirements of every party and therefore come out with innovative and creative ideas. We are, perhaps, the top Birthday party organizers in Chennai, kids Birthday party organizers in Chennai, and the rates we charge from our clients are less than others in the same industry. We are birthday party organizer in Chennai here to make every party a huge success. Whether it is the 1st birthday decorations of your child or 16th birthday party decorations of your princess, we shall lighten up the same and make it the most memorable event in their lifetime. We are known to be the top kids birthday party decorator and birthday balloon decorator Chennai and therefore provide the best in service. Wedding management and artist management services are also our to-do list. Entertaining the people on any occasion is what we believe in. That’s why Music, games and kids rides are also taken care of by us. Gift Management and Photography and Videography are also on our services charts. You won’t believe but it is true that our work has been appreciated by many people and we have huge list of satisfied customers who are also our regular customers. We value each of our customers and deliver our best. Our motto- ‘Welcome Happiness. Welcome Us.’ Celebrate your Happiness with Chennai Celebrations! Make us a part of your Enjoyment! Experience a never before like experience!
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Bouncers are often the most visible aspect of security in a night club or a bar. The duty of a Bouncer is to monitor the crowd to see that everyone is safe and has a good time, but within established limits. Weddings, Bar, exclusive parties, fundraising, conventions, celebrations, exhibitions meetings often involve high profile individuals who need added protection. We have experience in planning and executing security solutions for large scale events. Providing high standard, security services for any type of event is our specialty. Vivid Security bouncers believes in advanced planning and act diplomatically to meet various security challenges. Our event safety & conference security service is constructed upon to meet and execute security operations akin to army methodology. Crowd profiling and physical security management is implemented to ensure maximum security measures are enforced. Efficient communications with event planners and local law enforcement, when necessary, ensures piece of mind for you and your guests.
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Belly Dancers Vivid events group ensures to work with the best available talent from different parts of the world. India has no dearth of belly dancers but 'we' as Vivid Dance academy India stand apart in the quality of entertainment we provide. Our dancers are trained to perform in tough circumstances with a number of accessories like sword, silk veil, ISIS wings, cane sticks etc. Vivid Dance India has been successful in providing entertainment at Weddings, corporate shows, dealers meets, conferences, gala dinners, nightclubs, private parties etc. Martini Glass Act Dancers in a Giant Martini Glass which are 6ft tall will transport your guests to a movie set! The glamorous dancers perform perfectly in a huge glass bowl placed on a solid and elegant steel structure. You my fill these glasses with anything you like milk, champagne, bubbles, or even foam. The dancers are well trained and even fill the guests’ champagne glasses with exotic moves. To create a WOW factor these glasses can be fitted with color changing LED lights to suit your event colour scheme. The Martini Glass Act is available to hire with Vivid events group today, contact us for details! Go-Go Dancers Vivid events group can provide Go-Go dancers for:- Private Parties Nightclubs Promotional Events Launch Events Private Parties We have well groomed dancers who put on a splendid show! The dancers are available to dance throughout the night, entertaining audiences as podium pole dancers until the early hours of the morning! LED Pixel Poi Act Performers, spinners, poi-spinners and jugglers perform acts with a pair of LED Sticks which can be programmed to display multicolour graphics. The effect is a spectacle that has to be seen to believe. The charm of this unique act brings up the festive mood in the audience. The graphics can be programmed according to the theme of your event. Custom programming is possible to incorporate company logos and seasonal messages on request. Vivid events group has an exclusive high quality pair of sticks and an equally high quality of spinner to produce magic at your event. Walking Tables / Human Tables Vivid events group offers a wide array of walking tables suited to your event themes and motives. Walking tables also known as Living Tables or Human Tables are used for different event purposes and are quite popular in India. The Walking tables bring class and elegance to your event whether it is a wedding or a private party or a corporate show the tables create an exclusive ambience for your event. You can serve a drink, appetizers, cup cakes, sweets, even cigarettes at your event. The glamorous models serve you in best possible manner bringing decadence to the event all the while! About Us Vivid events group is a premier talent management agency primarily based in chennai. Vivid India manages several international artistes as well as domestic artistes based in India. Belly Dancing as entertainment has been a part of various categories of events throughout India. And there is a growing demand of foreign artistes who are well trained and traveled. We as Vivd events group ensure that India gets the best quality of artistes from different parts of the world. We have presented Belly Dancers from Russia, South America, European nations, Ukraine and even Egypt. Producing quality Belly Dance Acts is just one thing that Vivid is engaged in. We are also looking at training dancers all across India and bring them on one platform with specialist trainers to learn belly dancing. This helps them to enhance their dancing skills and further their career prospects. Vivid events group provides entertainment solutions for the following categories of events Weddings Corporate Shows Private Parties For more information on the kind of acts and dancers we produce check out the Acts page on this website.
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Vivid caterers – Outdoor Catering Services Vivid caterers are blessed with expertise in providing the best service for outdoor catering in Chennai. With years of experience and innovative approach to creatively plan the wedding, party or corporate meetings, we are proud in providing the best satisfied catering services. Orienting the best of resources with more dedication and commitment towards catering services, we set our own standards in this catering service industry. We strive to be the best always. Customization of the Catering Menu As one of special feature, we entertain the catering menu by accepting the likes of the customers and making deft changes to the catering menu. Moreover, we try to bring all the riches of great food in the catering menu, yet still limit it to your budget. Our enthusiastic staffs are always on the ready to serve your guests and take care of the needs during every moment of the occasion. We offer a wide range of catering services including • Birthday • Engagement • Wedding • Baby showers • Puberty function • Office functions • Product launches and promotions • Corporate meetings • Conferences and training seminars We have two kitchens in Chennai. We deliver food all over Chennai by kitchens. We deliver food with minimum 50 to 300 no's . More than 300 to 5000 and above we prepare food in venue itself.